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Test-Specifications-for-100-Gbits-and-400-Gbits-PAM4-Optical-Modules-at-100-Gbits-per-Lane-V1.0-Plugfest.pdf Test Specifications for 100 Gbits and 400 Gbits PAM4 Optical Modules at 100 Gbits per Lane V1.0-Plugfest 400G Test Specification 2022-09-19 y84253210
Test-Specifications-for-100-Gbits-and-400-Gbits-PAM4-Optical-Modules-at-100-Gbits-per-Lane-V1.0-Plugfest-0811.pdf Test Specifications for 100 Gbits and 400 Gbits PAM4 Optical Modules at 100 Gbits per Lane Draft 400G Test Specification 2022-08-15 rootadmin